December Newsletter 


We did it again. As the year comes to a close, we are once again in the position to look back at our work over the last 12 months with appreciation for the challenges and inspirations. We are embracing openness to learning what we can from all that has transpired. It has been a full year.  


We launched our new ambassadors project in which Black youth learn about their history and culture and gain skills for working together to engage just practices and resources the community needs. We trained 15 mentors and 15 students to participate in this work. 


We also began the work of converting Dane County Timebank to Flywheel Skill Share. 


We endured the loss of Principal Devon Larosa and the disruption of our abolitionist restorative justice work at Lafollette high. 


We launched a new letter writing campaign to address the treatment we received at the hands of Mat Thompson the interim principal. 


We began planning to be able to offer sound and rich alternative learning spaces for Black youth (and potentially all youth) who are unfortunately still forced to enter school buildings every day where they can encounter the deeply rooted structural violence of institutional racism and the racism of their teachers. They are exposed repeatedly to the risk of covid as they we not given adequate alternatives to in person schooling. Additionally in the absence of a truly restorative alternative, they are exposed to the punishment and policing mindset that continues to plague our schools. Taking these things into consideration, we are compelled to work toward the development alternatives so that even though the white supremacist system may choose to eliminate us from the building, students can have the choice of seeking educational alternatives that are culturally enriched, actively anti-racist and free of policing and punishment. We are currently seeking the support we need to make homeschooling a viable reality for anyone who chooses it.  


To make an end of the year gift supporting our work, click here. Your dollars help support transformative action. Please give generously. 

From Timebank to Flywheel Skill Sharing: What’s the Difference?  

When I started working at Dane County Timebank two years ago, I was very interested in the idea of independence from the death grip of money over our lives. Timebanking opened the door to go beyond the constraints of money. People were exchanging their skills and resources based on something much more important than money. The exchanges were offered through a sense of lifting up the values of reciprocity, autonomy and a sense of can-do empowerment. Dignity, strength and connection were supported in these exchanges.  


As Flywheel Skill Share emerges on the shoulders of that good work, we are seeking community-based sharing while we work to deepen connection to and respect the autonomy of Black folks. We want to continue to offer opportunities for community members to meet each other’s needs while shifting some of our intentions and actions. (Read Article here) 





How to Join Flywheel 

This membership model is very straightforward. We are asking folx to join Flywheel commit to offering 4 hours a month.  Skill sharing can be attending Flywheel events, contributing to existing projects, starting your own projects or 1 to 1 shares of skills and resources. We are also open to your ideas about how to get the minimum of 4 hours. Every hour is offered in a collective tally. Through this we see the power of our collective action.  
We invite you to join Flywheel.  

If you are not a Timebank member you can join Flywheel here. 

If you are a Timebank member reset your password by going to this link. 

If necessary, check your junk mail for the updated password info. 

New Website – Visit Flywheel! 


Our new website has officially launched!  You can visit  


There are still features being built, so we ask for your patience as these are developed. If you are a current TimeBank member, you can sign in here to activate your new membership with Flywheel. 

If you are not a Timebank member you can use  

Here is what people can expect from the new website:  

  • project-based and 1 to 1 skill sharing  
  • Tools to build a skill sharing project 
  • Learn about and sign up for upcoming events and activities 
  • Read, write and engage with blogs 
  • Sign up for our newsletter 
  • Request workshops or trainings for an organization or group 
  • Have your skill share benefit the collective and contribute towards the reparations tally 



Thank you again for your coming with us on this journey. It will take all of us to create a just world. We’re excited to have you join us. Click donate on our website and give if you are able and we’ll see you in 2022. 

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